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Ignition Coil, OEM Eldor, set of 6 - E9X 335i

Ignition Coil, OEM Eldor, set of 6 - E9X 335i


Ignition coils play a vital role in the performance, efficiency, and health of your N54, S54, and S63 BMW engine. Each cylinder gets its own ignition coil for optimum efficiency (no more spark plug wires) and it fires at precisely the right time to ensure a complete burn of the fuel/air mixture. A bad coil will result in misfires, rough running, stumbling, poor fuel economy, and other engine issues. Also, unburnt fuel will also damage catalytic converters and O2 sensors. Diagnosis of misfires and rough running almost always starts with the ignition coils. You can usually isolate faulty coils by moving them to different cylinder banks. However, we always recommend replacing coils in complete sets to eliminate the damage to computers, control modules, and other electrical systems from a voltage spike.

Price listed is for a set of six coils including the rubber connector boots. This coil is produced by Eldor, the original supplier to BMW for this ignition coil. It has a two year warranty. This ignition coil has been revised by BMW several times and is sometimes referenced by multiple different part numbers. This coil is the latest version from and may be used to replace an of the following ignition coil part numbers: 12131712219, 12130148594, 12130390064, 12137594938, 12137551049, 12137562744, 12137571643, 12138647689

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